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A minecraft xray mod is a minecraft add-on that allows the player to see through walls and blocks. This is essentially a cheat mod, and will likely get you banned from multiplayer servers. If you want to use a minecraft x ray mod in single player, then you’ll be able to find ores like diamond, redstone, gold and other precious materials much more easily than you otherwise would.

The x ray mod can be very useful for a single player who wants to play vanilla minecraft, but can’t be bothered mining for diamonds into infinity.

How To Use A Minecraft X Ray Mod

Pressing the X key activates X Ray mode. You’ll find that pretty much every naturally generated block disappears. Only placed blocks remain.

Pressing the L key activates ‘night light’ mode. This just means that you can see much better at night.

Pressing ‘R’ activates the ‘redstone’ mode. This mode highlights redstone structures, although also seems to pick up netherrack and materials made from nether.

You’ll notice when you first install the mod that there are three co-ordinates displayed at the top left hand side of your game. Pressing the C key toggles co-ordinates on and off.

Download the Minecraft X Ray Mod!

How To Install The Minecraft X Ray Mod

The X Ray mod is installed very simply, just copy the files from the .zip into your minecraft.jar and make sure that you’ve deleted the META INF file if this is your first mod. The X Ray Mod seems to work well with the current version of Optifine, so you can use your X ray powers with HD texture packs.

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The X Ray mod also comes with an optional Fly Mod. This is also essentially a cheat mod and will also get you banned from multiplayer servers. Fly mod simply allows the player to fly in survival mode.

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