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Green trees, blue water and sheep cheerfully trampling crops. That’s what we’ve come to expect from minecraft. Maybe a swamp if things really go bad. We never saw Wasteland coming, did we? And why should we? Mojang have been hard at work creating new biomes for the past year or so, but there are still some biomes that even they are afraid to create – like desolate deserts where nothing spawns and life is choked out by the oppressive red sky.

If that’s the sort of world you want to live in, the Wasteland mod provides you with the dystopic elements you’ve been craving. And it’s not a biome, not a few hundred blocks of wasteland before you’re back into yet another tedious jungle biome. No, this mod creates minecraft wasteland worlds!

the minecraft wasteland

How exactly does this mod change a minecraft world?

Well here’s a few things you won’t find in a wasteland world:

Many trees.
Naturally spawning passive mobs.

There are no forests in a wasteland world. Nor are there great oceans or lakes. If you want water, you have to go find some from a little spring. Trees will occasionally spawn, but they are much, much more rare. So if you find one, save that sapling. No more using saplings to smelt ores for you! This is the perfect mod for map makers looking to create something particularly dark, or players looking for more of a challenge. Survival is certainly difficult in this world type, you won’t find any tasty pork in progress just wandering around the plans and obviously growing wheat is out of the question. Fortunately for you, rotten meat can be nourishing too, right? And maybe you can suck a few nutrients out of a passing slime?

Surviving under a dead red sky never has been easy, but you’ve never wanted life easy, have you? You wouldn’t be looking for this mod if you wanted anything less than a brutal challenge, and now that this mod has been updated for 1.4.7. that’s just what you’re going to get.

Minecraft Wasteland World Mod

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