Minecraft Usable Bookshelves Mod

minecraft useable bookshelf mod download

Ever wished that you could actually use a minecraft bookshelf for storage? Now you can, with this minecraft usable bookshelves mod. This mod allows you to use bookshelves to store minecraft books, and also boosts their enchanting powers so that your enchanting table surrounded by bookshelves returns enchanted items of the highest quality.

It’s easy to see which bookshelves have space to spare, an empty bookshelf will display two empty shelves, a bookshelf containing some items will display one empty shelf and a full bookshelf will look practically identical to the default minecraft bookshelf texture. These bookshelves function something like chests, but you can only store minecraft books and minecraft maps inside them, this means you can build great libraries full of minecraft literature, or use the minecraft usable bookshelf mod to create adventure maps in which players must find clues locked inside a library.

The minecraft bookshelf mod has now been released as a Forge compatible file!

Download the minecraft usable bookshelf mod!

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