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minecraft dragon shape shifter mod

There are several mods that allow you to shape shift in minecraft, these minecraft shape shifter mods will allow you to change your skin from ‘Steve’ to any animal or mob in the game, so if you want to see Minecraft from the perspective of a dog, witch, villager, zombie, creeper or even ghast, you too can fly high above the world of minecraft.

Original Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod

The original Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod was created in mod-2012 and it allowed the user to turn into many in-game mobs, as well as a fly, which was new to minecraft.

Shape shifting didn’t just result in cosmetic changes, it also gave you passive and active effects. For example, if you shape shifted into wolf form, you always moved at sprint speed and you did an extra three melee damage. An Enderman could teleport and also do an extra 6 points of melee damage.

Minecraft Shape Shifter Z

The shape shifter Z minecraft mod was a more updated look at minecraft shape shifting. It was created because development for the original mod stalled at minecraft version 1.3.2. This new version of the shape shifter mod allows you to turn into a great many more creatures than the original mod, including a Dragon, a Wither and more. It features a one click instant shape shifting system, so you can shift at speed. This mod has the advantage of being in development, so you can expect further updates over time.

Other Minecraft Shape Shifting Mods:

A player dissatisfied with the instantaneous nature of Minecraft Shape Shifter Z did a little more development and creating ‘shifting animations’ so instead of instantly turning into the mob or creature, your form turns grey and is distorted as it takes its new form. (And no, it isn’t even your final form.) View these dramatic minecraft shape shifting effects in the video below:

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