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minecraft tardis dr who mod

EXTERMINATE! This is a Dr Who Dalek Mod for minecraft, and that’s really all I should have to say to have you whipping out your sonic screwdriver and accessing the nearest network terminal for a download of this minecraft mod. Calling this a Dalek mod is doing it a bit of a disservice because it’s more of a ‘World of Dr Who’ mod, complete with all sorts of interesting things, including:

  • Several different kinds of Dalek (including Daleks from the 1960′s – ie, the classic ‘true’ Dalek, the one that can be stumped by a decent set of stairs.)
  • Several different iterations of the Sonic Screwdriver. This is a particularly useful item as it can be used to create a portable redstone current of sorts, and can be used to open iron doors, eliminating the need for pressure plates and buttons that you have to hit and run from.
  • A Tardis
  • Clockwork Droid
  • Davros
  • Stonehenge and Pandorica

minecraft tardis dr who mod

At the time of writing, this mod is currently compatible with ModLoader, and Forge. So basically, both major Minecraft modding API’s delivered by third parties and not Mojang, who promised an API and then ran off giggling to create beacons. If you’re like the rest of us, and found that terribly confusing, a trip in the Tardis might very well make you feel better. Like the real imaginary Tardis, this mod’s Tardis is fairly buggy. But let’s face it, if you wanted to get where you wanted to go, you wouldn’t have stepped into a big blue box of a spaceship, would you?

Also quite charming is the fact that Minecraft’s vanilla villagers will run from Daleks. Slightly less charming is the face that Daleks will exterminate them if they don’t run fast enough and then the villagers will become villagers no more, just skeletons upon the ground.

Fans of this mod might also enjoy the Weeping Angels Minecraft Mod, complete with terrifying statues that follow you about the place.

EXTERMINATE (Or Download. It probably makes more sense to download.)

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