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This post contains a listing of several Skyrim follower mods that allow your follower to ride their own horse, so that they can keep up with you easily when you want to ride across Skyrim.

Horses for Followers

The first of these Skyrim horse mods is simply called Horses for Followers

skyrim horses for followers mod downloadHorses for Followers allows you to buy another horse for your follower. Simply ride up to any of the hold stables (ones that haven’t been attacked by death hounds) and purchase a horse for your follower. Your follower’s horse will automatically follow yours. Unlike yours, they will avoid combat, so although you might have to do some chasing to find them after a fight, they will at least be more likely to survive.

Mounted Follower

mounted follower skyrim follower horse mod This is a simpler mod that makes a horse spawn for your follower every time you get on yours. Instead of having to buy a horse for your follower, simply mount your horse and another one will appear. It does seem to be somewhat bugged in that sometimes you will have to get on your horse and then get off it in order to make your follower’s horse appear, but other than that, it works as intended.

Convenient Horses

convenient horses, skyrim horse mod downloadNow this mod adds horses for your followers, as well as a whole bunch of other tweaks, including horse armor for both your horse and your follower’s horse. Unfortunately, this mod is not compatible with Dawnguard, but if you don’t have Dawnguard, this is one of the better horse mods.

Convenient Horses includes:

  • A horse for your follower.
  • Horse armor for you and your follower.
  • A horse call cinematic, so you can always call your horse to you.
  • The ability to converse, loot and harvest herbs whilst mounted.
  • Faster dismounting if you have your weapon drawn.
  • Stamina, health and speed bonuses for horses.
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