Time To Hunt: Fallout New Vegas Bounty Hunter Mod

fallout new vegas bounty hunter mod

Gettin’ tired of the same old New Vegas quest lines? Looking for something new? The New Vegas Bounty Hunter mod adds all new quests to Fallout: New Vegas, turning the hapless Courier into a Bounty Hunter. So if you’re done with Benny and you’ve already fixed all the solar panels you care to and you’re looking for some action, this is the mod you want. There are no puzzles to solve as a bounty hunter, nor are there quest items to fetch. Instead you’ll be faced with dangerous criminals on the run who need to be bought down and taken in – assuming they don’t get to you first!

the bounty hunter Channel your inner dog. Or find something a little stronger than pepper spray to subdue the wasteland’s criminal scum with.

This is now a 100% finished mod, featuring 400 lines of unique quest dialog. It pits you against the worst the Mojave has to offer, which, as you’ll discover, is pretty darn bad. The baddies you’ll be going up against make even the mighty Caesar look like a Teletubby in comparison.

Keep in mind too, this mod doesn’t just assign you tasks and send you out into the field, it plunges you into the life of a New Vegas bounty hunter – and as you gain skill and notoriety, there’s more than one criminal mastermind ready to get rid of you. So keep your eyes out for ambushes and make sure you’re well equipped with stim packs, because it could get pretty dashed nasty out there if you’re caught off guard.

There’s also a final boss fight, with the option to make it even harder than usual (perhaps even harder than Caesar’s general’s magical mallet of doom.) Quality mods like this are worth their weight in caps, so make sure you check out this one before you check out of New Vegas altogether.

Get the Fallout Bounty Hunter Mod here.

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